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Floor Inspection & Preparation
When you call in Quincy’s Floor Care Service, you are assured of the most effective way to beautify your floors. At Quincy’s Floor Care Service we always discuss with you, the customer, all the options and help you make the best choices.

Filling Gaps & Cracks
Variations in temperature and humidity cause the wood to expand and contract. Thus small gaps and cracks are always present. Winter months tend to be drier making cracks and gaps more visible. In summer, humidity rises, causing some cracks to virtually disappear. On every job we thoroughly inspect all cracks and gaps, and fill out all the unsightly ones before we sand.

Equipment for Refinishing
On each and every one of our jobs we make use of the right equipment for each operation, such as:

  • Drum sanders
  • Floor edger's
  • Buffers
  • Circular/palm sanders
  • Putty knives and scrapers
  • Shop vacuum cleaners
  • Ear protection, dust masks, safety goggles
  • Lamb's wool and natural bristle brushes
  • Foam applicators

To avoid spreading dust throughout the house we always hang plastic over the room's doorways and put rags or towels under doors and over vents.

Sanding Hardwood Floors
Our expert craftsmen are highly skilled and experienced with the finer points of floor sanding .We always sand layer by layer, uniformly and completely, including edges, corners and other hard to reach places. For superior results we perform three grades of sanding: rough, medium and fine. In the process, we continuously check for cracks, countersink nails, etc.

After sanding we vacuum the room thoroughly, including the walls and ceiling. Next we buff the floor using a fine abrasive screen (100-120 grit) to help tighten the wood grain before applying the finish.

Choosing & Applying Stain
Staining and finishing are the culminating steps that really show all the wood's character. This is where our expertise in selecting the right stains and doing the job is truly unparalleled.

Applying Finish
Applying finish is where you can easily see the high quality of our workmanship. We take extreme care to avoid drips and thick overlaps of finish, to cover all surfaces evenly, blend in brush marks - best done with lamb's wool - etc. We also take great care to keep loose fibers and dust of any kind out of the finished coat.

Wood Floor Care
With many of our customers, our commitment continues long after the beautiful floor restoration. We provide for them maintenance services, which is key to a beautiful, long-lasting wood floor. Good preventative maintenance lengthens the intervals between major renovation operations such as re-coating and refinishing. You should keep your floors clean of dust and debris, which prevents scratches and dulling of the wood finish. Also use vacuums and dust mops, while staying away from dusting products that over time destroy the floor finish.